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No time for existentials,

here's who I am


With experience across the media, design and cultural sector, I’m a London-based freelance creative producer and writer, dabbling in a side-hustle as seamstress, too. One of those people, you could say, who has their ‘finger in every pie’ - well, take that as you will. 


A British turn-of-phrase to describe someone who has taken inspiration from their upbringing in the midlands (or ‘up north’ to anyone south of the Watford Gap), a place where the creative industry reached its peak during the industrial revolution of 1750, and hasn’t seen a hell of a lot of opportunities since. That said, it’s the people and culture I’ve both been surrounded by, and that is completely foreign to me, that my work takes inspiration from in whichever output that takes.


What you might actually want to know: My jam is contemporary culture, fashion and luxury; I have experience producing motion and still content for design, travel, music, fashion, sports, lifestyle and beauty brands amongst many, from short, social-first viral content, to global campaigns and ATL, and print magazines, too. My experience spans from my most recent role as a Senior Producer within a social agency, brand partnerships for digital content at Hypebeast, to editorial and branded print production at Conde Nast.


I’m passionate about documenting both the ordinary and the obscure through creative outputs, and making the inaccessible, accessible through visual storytelling. This has made my portfolio unique and varied, with the often overlooked details providing the strong narratives and aesthetic that strings my work together - a sought after niche in the commercial space.


Oh, and I'm pretty big on gender politics and an advocate for the LGBTQ+ and underrepresented communities, which comes through in my personal work and professional productions alike - accommodations for neurodiverse crew and creatives and a diverse team are essentials in the way we work together.


Enough about me; if that’s given you reason to consider my ability to produce world-class content for your upcoming projects - I’m available for short and long-term shoots, both local and international - talk to me, and let me know what you’ve got in mind, or let’s just grab a coffee and bitch about our lives until we’re no longer strangers rubbing shoulders at Old Street station.


I use She/They pronouns

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