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Our Generation is Spotify’s first truly tribal playlist for Digital Natives who have grown up with access to more music than any other generation before them, and have consequently developed a musical taste that isn’t tied down to genre conventions. 

The same can be said for digital native creators. They have tools, not only to create music but also to engage with their fan base in a way that has not been seen before, creating online community who consume their content at a passionate rate. 

Our Generation is the playlist for these artists and audiences. The new wave of creators making music which connects with their like minded fanbases.


We joined Spotify's 4-day event, opening with a launch party with Flowerovlov and friends, and finishing on a sweet Renegade DJ set by Lava La Rue. Our content was edited and pushed out over the weekend to allow the fans to experience the event virtually.

Click to expand each video and hear the narrative.

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